About Us

ilmojo supplies Pakistani students with high-quality instructional materials. To gain access to all educational materials, news, and teaching aids, simply select the class of study. High school students get access to all of these resources on a regular basis. You are also invited to contact our teachers if you have any training-related questions.

Tests were formerly performed using printed textbooks; however, we are currently trying to transfer printed textbooks to digital education platforms. As a result of this move, you will be more involved since you will be able to access note material from the comfort of your own home.

Our electronic notes are frequently tailored to specific course requirements.

Our system not only saves students money on notes, but it is also more user-friendly than relying on expensive books and lecturers.
The news and exam notes will assist both students and teachers. This platform allows students to access not just relevant educational resources, but also the information and skills they need to improve their grades. examination.

How we are?

A complying educational platform that encourages student achievement provides individualised grades and up-to-date grade information. We also make every effort to keep each child’s challenging issues disguised, focusing instead on learning, teaching children how to connect, and raising student accomplishment. Our platform gives young people the tools they need to create a loving, long-term future for themselves.


Our experts provide detailed notes, technical solutions, and written recommendations to help educators improve their skills. The best thing about our website is that you may get anything from notes to test dates without ever leaving your home. Our main goal is to make training as cost-effective and efficient as possible, as well as to provide all students, parents, teachers, and administrators with free instructional resources. Parents and students will receive more news and information about exam dates as a consequence of this platform, allowing pupils to receive additional assistance without having to leave their homes in order to attain good test results.


Our digital education platform empowers students by providing learning tools that benefit both students and instructors. Students can also use our online education network to swap textbooks with a range of online recording sources.

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